Borborema Farms

Usually by eating a delicious fruit or vegetable, we have the perception of freshness and flavor and especially the need to know the origin of this product.

Anxious to meet these requirements Borborema Group has set up an infrastructure for production and marketing of fruits and vegetables, highly effective and competitive.

The main fruit production bases Group Borborema, are the Borborema Farms I, III, IV and VI, located in the municipality of Jaíba in northern Minas Gerais.

These farms were established modern projects of fruit irrigated, with the introduction of crops such as bananas, Banana Cavendish, popularly known as dwarf or obstinate, Hadem sleeves, Palmer and Tommy, papayas and papaya beautiful, Tahiti lime and atemoya.

The fruit production areas of the Borborema Group are grown with high technology, coordinated with international consultants and certified GLOBALGAP to ensure traceability, standardization and quality of fruit.

The company also sells a large part of the regional production of fruits and vegetables, working with the development of the region, such as: Avocado, Avocado, passion fruit, tangerines, pumpkins and watermelons..

Banana is the main crop produced by the Group Borborema, being cultivated with irrigation systems, where the plants are fertilized with organic mineral nutrients through a partnership of exchange of technology and production company with Bioson.

The nutrition of plants is done by the organic plant, a partner of the Group, through the use of natural processes using microorganisms and organic acids promote the production of high quality fruits, longevity and sustainability of crop yields and reducing production costs.

Due to the high quality of bananas produced in the Borborema Farms, the company was chosen as an area model for integrated fruit production (FIP), certified by EMBRAPA.

Bananas are protected, carefully collected and transported in aerial cable and after a careful inspection of quality are washed and packaged in plastic boxes, wood and cardboard, serving several clients.

To facilitate and sustain the marketing of fruits and vegetables produced by the Group, was created BHF Commercial, which invests in periodically visit clients and consumers to adjust their work such as: training in processing, packaging and accommodation fruit.

The entrepreneurial ownership functions are carried out by the company Borborema BHF Commercial.

BHF Commercial and services was created in 1990, and has staff with extensive experience in the activities of agricultural development projects, irrigation, drainage and agricultural industries, as well as extension services, technical assistance and advisory services.

If you are looking for quality, fidelity in delivery, competitive prices and mainly by a strong and lasting business relationship, please contact us or pay us a visit, which attest to the quality of our products and partnership opportunities.