Borborema Hortifruti


The Borborema Hortifruti was created to support the marketing of farm produce Borborema and provide the consumer market, good quality products.

Given the importance of Jaíba Irrigation Project in the North of Minas Gerais, the Borborema Hortifruti built a modern infrastructure with platform loading and unloading of goods and cold storage for cooling fruit, enabling long-distance transport.

The company invests in periodically visit clients and consumers to adjust their work such as: training in processing, packaging and accommodation fruit.

The Borborema Hortifruti makes the logistics of monitoring the shipments of fruit, and the selection and standardization demanded by the market.

The company has a structure capable of dispatching multiple trucks daily courtyard accommodation of vehicles and accommodation for drivers.

All loads of fruit shipped are insured by the company, ensuring a constant supply of products.

By owning its own production structure and partnerships with several vendors, the company offers products for the entire year, with no setbacks to crop failure.

The products marketed by Borborema Hortifruti, including banana, are sold in various types of packaging such as plastic boxes, wood and cardboard.

The Borborema Hortifruti is able to meet the entire national market projected to the international market. Currently the company supplies the streets of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, the Federal District and Rondônia, with the marketing of fruit and vegetables, in addition to providing services in processing and sorting grocery.

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